Tilgent Pay®, is a major provider of a secure Mobile Wallet payment technology service. This technology utilizes any mobile device as a secure method to store, send, process and complete financial transaction requests via a secured network.

For the typical consumer, Tilgent Pay® Mobile Wallet provides solutions that meet security, compliance, performance and efficiency requirements needed to transfer funds between banks, merchants and end users. Our technology provides the ability to accelerate transactions, eliminating the need to process a physical credit/debit card. Wallet users can easily transfer funds to and from mobile devices to allow for ease and efficiencies of personal and commercial transactions.

We are building a global payment rail today that will integrate with other mobile wallets. This will allow us to facilitate both personal and commercial money transfer transactions in a more effective way. This network is also designed to facilitate Governments, payroll companies and non-profit organizations to transfer funds, eliminating the need for physical paper transactions. The goal is to penetrate every country worldwide with this scalable and adaptable system within the next three years.

Tilgent Pay has formed strategic alliances and partnerships with channel partners, telecom companies, banks and merchants internationally to allow for efficient penetration into the market.

The company’s Corporate Headquarters is in Clearwater, FL, with our Latin American Division in Miami, FL, our Operations team in Orlando, FL and our Contact Center in the Dominican Republic. Our equipment is housed in a Data Center in Orlando with other locations in Latin America, Asia, Europe, India and expanding to Australia and South Africa.