Empowering Your Use of Cash

Tilgent® Pay is focused on providing you and your family with simple, cheap and more secure ways to store, transfer and use cash in the global economy. Our mobile phone Application and Prepaid Card services set an industry standard for convenience and security.

Our Strategy to Protect You and the Merchant is Simple:

1. We protect you by leaving no “Identity Footprint” on the Merchant’s POS system.

2. We protect the Merchant by validating you are a funded customer that approves each specific transaction.

3. The founders of Tilgent® Pay have made it their mission to build a financial system solution to end card fraud. The result is the development of the Tilgent® Pay Mobile Wallet. Our solution utilizes multiple authentication methods, eliminating the disclosure of customer financial information to any merchant during a purchase. This makes it virtually impossible for card criminals to steal personal financial information from you or the merchant database for use in a future card fraud transaction.

Targeting Card Fraud

Tilgent® Pay fraud prevention is paramount.

Who Pays the Bill of Card Fraud?

Ultimately, you the consumer pays for card fraud with each fraudulent transaction involving a credit or debit card. The merchant returns the loss to the processor which in turn is passed to the customer. Therefore, we all end up paying the bill for card fraud.

Partnering for Success

Tilgent® Pay Partners help us do more for you. We have partnered with leading telecommunications and electronic payment companies enabling us to provide a wide-range of innovative, add-on financial services. Our Channel Marketing partners extend our services to reach thousands of national and international merchant locations.

We take Security & Privacy Seriously

We Pride ourselves on security. Using the latest encryption technology, your information is always encrypted and stored safely.

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